Monday, April 1, 2013

Making a tabletop roleplaying system: My Exp. So Far.

     I wanted to work on my own system because I wanted something that is easy to pick up, that I could use to change a few things and create a new setting simply, as well as using a simple point buy system with magic being more loosely what you imagine and not what you do. I had searched for hours on the internet looking for something; Shadowrun point buy had too great of numbers and it would be difficult to get away from the fluff with that system. Gurps is complicated for most people to pick up when you want to do something quick, and with the latest version also is kinda easy to break if not paid too much attention too. D20 modern had it's own problems, as well as just trying to modify Pathfinder for a more modern taste would be insanely complicated. Out of all the free and open RPGs, there was few of which I could do anything with, and those few was a bad choice for another reason. Then, I thought about it and bounced an idea off of one of my friends, they agreed that it possibly was an idea one could do, it was time I tried my hand at system creation.
    When I started the project, I had created a checklist inside my head, and on paper. I first came up with how I wanted to separate things (books and what not). I wanted to do a core book, with a GM book as well; as such having separate books that touch on things that could be expanded on, or even a book about what happens when you start becoming a god. Then from that, I started making a chapter list for both the core and the GM book so that I know what sort of systems and what not I had to touch on. I had things from the core mechanic, to how I will go about skills and other things.
    Now that I have told this story, the next few posts will be about how I decided certain aspects of my system, as well as some tips.

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Kyle Atterson

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Howdy all! YFTechno here, sorry it has been a very long time since I came back, life happened, though I am proud to say that I have been working hard on some things. I currently am working on a Tabletop Pen and Paper RPG system. I shall be releasing information about it in posts, and really my thoughts and plans about it up to this point in creation, and beyond. I am redesigning a bit of what I post to ya'll as well, but that will come later in the week; as well I got some planned things in store for future stuff, as well as videos! Let us have 3 cheers for awesome!

Oh btw, I am really sad, I have actually lost one of my favorite card game boxes, called Munchkin. It is kind of like a way to make fun of dungeon crawls, as well as just having good times with friends. It is called Munchkin and I think you all should check it out! I know I got to try and reestablish a copy of it.

Your Fellow Technomancer,
Kyle Atterson

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I'm back!.... Again...

     Hello everyone! Long time no see! I know, I know, you don't expect me to see you anyways, but as a technomancer I say screw the rules, that camera is a direct link to my monitor so I can see you all of the time! Of course I am joking, that would be creepy and would take some work to get done to be honest.
     Anyways, it has been a long time, I know. I am sorry about that, my laptop had died, and I really did not have any way to post anything. I am going to make it up to you all, I promise. I am typing this on my desktop, of which should not break down as much as the laptop did. I also have installed the Blogger App on my smart phone, so that I can blog at you whenever I can.
    On the agenda is well, I need an agenda, and I want you all to give me something to blog about, this could be a question on any topic, I would love some techie questions, but if you got some others, I could possibly answer them, in person or private. Well, anyways, I will let you all have it. I will blog at ya later!

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

YFTechno Texture pack for Minecraft v1.3.2

Hey readers!

I just finished a texture pack for minecraft. It is still being worked on but I feel like I should release it now and get some feedback. I have added two different links to download, they both take you to the same place. One can help fund me. 

To use this texture pack though, you need MCPatcher. I will have a link below, just click it to get it, run it, then love it. (Helps fund the things I do):
Direct Link:
Your Fellow Technomancer, Kyle Atterson

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review of The Mana World

Hey there! I am back with a review for a beta MMORPG that I have been testing. It is The Mana World, it is a 2d open source MMORPG, which in itself is pretty decent. The major grand features about the game is: It's magic, controls, and interesting story.
Selecting a server

Choosing your character
Sand, sand, sand, and more sand
Ol' McDonald had a farm..
The game is fun, even though the world is under developed. There is a huge spread of monsters that are huge levels away from each other, and at the beginning after level 10 it gets tougher to get higher. The graphics are nice and clean, and the game ideas are pretty revolutionary. To use magic, you actually have magic keywords you type (they normally start with a #). Another great thing about the game is that it is an open source MMO, which means that there is not only the base servers, but other ones that other people set up that are different.


  • Interesting and intuitive systems for magic and other things
  • Good flow in the controls
  • Nice clean graphics
  • User created servers


  • Needs to work on balancing the character and the monsters, so that there is either more monsters at lower level intervals or what.
  • The world needs to be developed a bit more

Overall this game gets a 9/10 in its beta stage! Go TMW!

Your Fellow Technomancer,

Interrupt your tech news: Fandoms Rating

     Earlier today I got into  a good discussions about fandoms, and what are 'good ones' and 'bad ones'. This is mostly about ones opinions, but it did get me thinking; what if there was a system to actually rate a fandom for people. Certain area's of interest if you will, so that one could check out all of the merits of a fandom. The only bad thing about a system, as with all ratings are that they tend to be much more bias since people will flood it full of their own opinions when dealing with a favorite, or not so favorite, fandom. 

     Some of the ones I, and a friend of mine have come up with are:
  • Loyalty: Which is how loyal are they to the particular fandom, what do they do to show their worth. As in pokemon, do they buy all the products and watch/read all of the literature.
  • Synergy: How does everyone mix in with everyone else, do they feed of each others energy, or are they normally more separate. Is there different sides to the fandom that in constant 'war' with each other?
  • Level of contemplation: How deep does the fanfiction, or other fan communication, go? Does it only hit on levels that are shallow to the viewer and focus on only small things; Or does it try and attempt to answer certain aspects about life.
  • Friendliness: How accepting of new members is the fandom? Can a new person come and feel accepted, or do you have to be there from the beginning for people to accept you.
  • Age: This is a secondary aspect to judge, since really it has nothing to do with how the fandom is in ones opinion, but it is something one should take note of when working on judging a fandom, since older fandoms tend to be a bit more complex and widespread.
      If you notice, these topics can also count on judging fan. This is because judging a fandom, is judging a group of people. Judging a group of people is taking the averages, or the norms, of the group and commenting on it.
    This is by no means a complete work, this is just a few of the initial ideas of such. What do you think? Is this list a good list to start from?
Your Fellow Technomancer,

Monday, July 9, 2012


YFTechno: My new facebook page that is focusing on the quick and social aspect of some of the things this blog, as well as a notifier for some of you all so that when I update people can know a bit quicker.

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